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Fast Forward - From cocoa to chocolate


Inspiration. Innovation. Impact.

June 17–19, 2014, Davos/Switzerland

International conference for senior business leaders and key stakeholders in the cocoa and chocolate industry


The session will close with a keynote address by Dr. Auma Obama, a woman with a passion for working with children and youth. Dr. Auma Obama was born and raised in Kenya and studied in Germany. After her doctorate, she worked in the UK for the Children’s Services Department. Then she returned to Kenya, where she worked for almost five years for the relief organization CARE International before establishing her own foundation, Sauti Kuu. Sauti Kuu, or “Powerful Voices” in Kiswahili, is a foundation that gives a perspective to disadvantaged children and youth by helping them unlock their potential, in particular through Life Skills training and educational opportunities that lead to economic sustainability. The foundation is based on the principle of self-help and aims to support and motivate the younger generations to take their fate into their own hands and be the makers of their own destiny.


Fast Forward - From cocoa to chocolate

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